Personality & Leadership Assessments

How can you make an informed decision around which candidate would be the best fit for your organisation, team and role? How can you better understand your current people in order to retain and bring out the best in them? Personality profiling can provide you with the answers. When used as part of a recruitment process, or to develop your current people, Personality Assessments can add an extra layer of insight & certainty around strengths and areas for development. At TalentEdge, we have many different options for personality assessment, from basic packages to comprehensive leadership profiling at the CEO level.

Personality Assessments can indicate essential elements of work performance, like motivation, leadership, values, communication and working styles, and even occupational suitability.

Situational Judgement

Situational judgment tests assess decision-making capabilities. Candidates are presented with work-specific situations and asked to judge how they would respond to a potential work dilemma. Candidates review a range of multiple-choice answer options to determine which is their preferred solution. This test is available at the Executive level, as well as the Managerial and Graduate levels. TalentEdge can take you through each assessment to determine which one might be best for your needs.

Sales Test

A skillful sales force is vital in today’s competitive markets. Fortunately, a variety of tests are available that look at a candidate’s sales potential—from sales and distribution of specific items (SAP) to telemarketing simulations. Options include:

  • Simulations of sales scenarios
  • Call Centre phone call scenarios
  • Commercial Aptitude assessment
  • Multiple choice questionnaires to ascertain Sales knowledge
  • Personality Questionnaire derived report that analyses Sales potential and provides an understanding of aspects of an individual's natural style that are critical to sales success

Computer & IT Tests

It’s often important to have a candidate who can ‘hit the ground running’. Computer and IT assessments test a candidate’s level of proficiency on various software packages and IT platforms. This knowledge can be used to determine any skills gaps that exist or if the candidate can utilise your existing IT packages from day one. Tests include:

  • Basic Computer Literacy
  • Computer Science
  • Software knowledge (for example, Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook)
  • IT Skills (tests exist for most platforms, for example Apache, .NET, C++, Java, iOS Development, etc.)
  • Cloud Computing

Customer Service & Administration

These assessments look at the skills and aptitudes needed for success in Customer Service & Administrative roles. TalentEdge can assist you with advice around which assessments would best isolate the attributes and skills needed for contributing to your team’s success.

  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire Profile Report
  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire Manager Report Customer Facing Roles
  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire Personal Report
  • Customer Contact Styles Questionnaire Interview Guide
  • Error checking
  • Verbal Comprehension
  • Numerical Comprehension
  • Abstract Reasoning

Technical Tests

Specialist skills are often in high demand, but short supply. Knowing your candidates have the skills essential for their role is vital when recruiting for highly skilled roles. Technical aptitude tests are used to assess the skills and abilities of Production, Construction, Engineering & Scientific staff. Let TalentEdge guide you as to which assessments might be most useful for you. Tests available include:

  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Mechanical Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Reasoning
  • Safety

Skills Measured

How can you ensure that your candidates have the requisite skills to do the job? Skills assessments are designed to assess a candidate’s ability in a certain area of skill. At TalentEdge, we have access to numerous assessments to determine a candidate’s skill levels and give you peace of mind. These include:  

  • Essential Skills (Basic Math, Filing, Proof Reading, Visual Comparison, Classifying & Coding, Customer Service)
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Data Entry
  • English Vocabulary/Comprehension
  • General Clerical Grammar & Spelling
  • Business Letter Writing

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