The way you develop the individuals, teams, and leaders in your organisation is key to success in the 21st century.

360˚ Development Assessments can: ​
Identify blind spots: assist individuals to build self-awareness and understand their strengths​.
Highlight strengths: understand and leverage strengths to improve motivation and boost success.​
Recognise development areas: map pathways of improvement, focusing on areas that drive performance. ​

360º Assessment Options

360˚ Assessment & Coaching: 

When organisations include coaching as part of their 360˚ degree feedback process, it delivers powerful insight, as well as a deep level of personal and professional development. Your coach will help to ‘unpack’ the mechanics of your feedback report and provide an objective, non-emotional look at what the feedback means. Coaching  will also help you understand the why and how of choosing an area of development, as well as how to improve yourself, your leadership and your working relationships.  

According to research, the combination of 360˚ degree feedback and coaching increases leadership effectiveness up to 60% (Thach 2002)! Why not get in touch with us and see how you might increase your effectiveness -- and therefore your organisation’s effectiveness -- through coaching and 360˚ development.

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