Lift Organisational Results.


All organisations are in flux: changing their focus, expanding or contracting their activities and rethinking their products and services. Change and transformation is a messy business fraught with complexity and complication.

We will work with you to plan, develop and implement your transformation strategy, review and align your operating model, and deliver programmes and tools to equip leaders and teams to drive change and a healthy organisational culture.



You want to align your people, processes and tools to your business strategy

You are about to launch a transformation change programme and want the right culture in place to support your strategy

You want to equip you leaders and teams to deliver change and drive a healthy organisational culture

You want to support those affected by the change with transition coaching



Sustaining the performance levels of any business requires consistent transformation and evolution, including ensuring your organisational design is capable of supporting your vision, values and strategies.

Getting your organisational design right is essential, and is best approached from a number of angles:

  • Ensure your people have ‘freedom within boundaries’ to be proactive and efficient
  • Ensure the right culture is in place to support the strategy
  • Understand how to motivate and engage you people through change to maintain productivity and morale
  • Utilise the management team as role models and change catalysts


Business Analysis & Benchmarking
With experience across a wide range of clients across all levels of an organisation, we work with standard and bespoke methodologies and pragmatically implement the frameworks most suitable to your environment and project specifications.
Programme & Project Management
We bring a wide range of skills, including team management in both operational and programme management, vendor and contract management, stakeholder engagement and communications – all of which are broader elements of delivery capability. We are experienced in applying methodologies such as MSP, Prince2, PMI, BBC, MoR, MoC, LBMS andMetghod1, and tools such as Microsoft Project, PMW and Microsoft Office.
Organisational Research
What do you want your organisation to achieve? What’s changed in the environment in which you operate, and how can you ensure you are constantly aligned to the key political and economic factors that ensure continued success? Good quality research can help you solidify success or take performance to the next level.
Operating Model Alignment
We will partner with you to align your organisation’s operating model, and in turn, your organisational design. This will help you achieve your strategic objectives and priorities.
Organisational Change Management
Our approach weaves together the structural, systemic, human and behavioural elements of change. We recognise the unique role played by managers in acting as models for, and catalysts of, change. We support development initiatives by equipping leaders with the skills, approaches and mindsets that build organisation-wide cohesion.