Measure What Matters.


Psychometric assessment assesses an individual’s abilities and likely behaviours in a working environment. Our approach is based on best practice and uses a combination of personality, values, problem solving and situational judgment assessments to give a multi-faceted view of a candidates potential.

In plain speak that means we look at all the important aspects that drive an individual’s behaviour in the workplace to ensure your business gains a well rounded understanding of their abilities – including the untapped.


You are looking to recruit the best person for a role based on more than just ‘gut feel’.

You are assessing the capability within your business to cope with impending challenges of change.

You are looking for insight as to why a team or department may be struggling to achieve their goals.

You are looking to the future of the business and wanting to assess the potential within.


Working closely with you we create a bespoke Assessment Framework that answers the right questions for your business, and helps you uncover and unleash the potential of your people.

Assessment tools can add value at different pain points in your business. We can help you to:

  • Understand the abilities and likely behaviours of potential employees during the recruitment process
  • Establish baseline capabilities for an individual employee or cadre of leaders
  • Map collective capabilities in the organisation as a whole – identifying areas of strength or potential deficiencies before embarking on operational or strategic initiatives
  • Identify talented future leaders to ensure they are nurtured and retained


Talent Identification, Retention & Succession Planning
Succession planning is the lifeblood of a successful business. It’s a critical component to engage your employees, align your workforce strategy and support the long-term outcomes your business needs to achieve. We can help you prepare for the future by recognising and developing high-potential talent that is suited for leadership roles.
Assessment & Development Centres
We combine our sound psychological knowledge with our business knowledge, to support organisations in the development of their current and future leaders and wider workforce. We use scientifically validated assessments and techniques, plus a structured process of consistent, rigorous observation and feedback to identify talented individuals and promote ownership of the development process within the wider organisational context.
Psychometric Assessment
Psychometric assessment provides a deeper understanding of your candidates’ personality and abilities by providing an objective, standardised set of information from all candidates. Qualified in reputable assessments from CEB, Hogan, Saville & Pearson we deliver off-the-shelf and bespoke assessment processes that enable you to identify and select talented people and leaders for future business success.


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360s & Development Planning
We offer a range of 360-degree assessments and bring to life appraisal data, transforming it into an actionable tool for growth and change. Our facilitated feedback sessions are designed to create meaning for individuals from this large amount of emotionally charged information to develop self-awareness and build commitment to action.